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Fall asleep the natural way with STOP for Sleeping, an essential oil blend of Chamomile, Lavender and Valerian Root amplified with optimal strains of Indica to ease you into a deep and restful sleep.

⦁  Indica with a 3:1 ratio of 90 mg THC / 30 mg CBD

⦁  Promotes deep sleep, peace and calming of restlessness

⦁  All natural, plant based, gluten free, vegan and allergy friendly

⦁  Flowery, berry and herbaceous taste, free of pungent cannabis flavor

⦁  Easy to use and fast-acting

Dosing Recommendation

Shake Well. Start with 1 full dropper. Hold under tongue for at least 2 minutes for full absorption. Onset usually starts within 15 – 20 minutes. If the effect with 1 full dropper is too mild, increase to 2 – 3 full droppers.

1 full dropper = one serving = 3 mg THC, 1 mg CBD

3 full droppers = 9 mg THC, 3 mg CBD

1 fl oz bottle = 30 servings = 90 mg THC, 30 mg CBD

About The Root of It All™

The Root of It All™ cannabis-infused essential remedies are specially formulated for a variety of wellness needs. Our pure essential oil blends of herbs, inspired by ancient Ayurvedic philosophy of holistic wellness, are amplified with optimal strains of cannabinoids and terpenes to create powerful plant-based remedies that bring the mind and body back into balance.

Discover a life rooted in wellness with The Root of It All™!

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STOP for Sleeping Tincture 3:1 THC:CBD 120mg in San Francisco, CA

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