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Blue Dream Pre Roll

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STIIIZY Pre Rolls feature the finest top-shelf bud mixed premium distillate oil, and each cone is covered in distillate oil and kief for a high potency experience. Patients can expect a rush of creative energy and a focused mental high followed by a mellow relaxation. Blue Dream typically treats chronic stress, chronic pain due to injury or illness, mild-to-moderate cases of depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia. 

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Photo of Kristy R

I am new to marijuana because I grew in a Mennonite family but moving to a different state and living on my own makes life different. I know many of my colleagues and friends in California use marijuana, I've heard many of them discussing it, so I decided I also need to try. One of my most experienced friends suggested to try Blue Dream. The reason was that it is one of the most famous strains California takes pride in. He said many amateurs like it, but it is also good for a neophyte like me. I looked through the products available and settled upon the Stiizy brand. The price was rather high but I didn't want to buy a cheap third-rate stuff and become disappointed for life. Good that I did it! I usually dislike cigarettes and smoking people , but here was nothing of the sort. I liked the blueberry flavor and the effect of the roll - somewhat euphoric, but without getting real stoned... I like to keep my mind clear and getting relaxed at the same time. This what Blue Dream definitely helps to feel. They say marijuana also helps with chronic stress and insomnia and I can well believe it. I wish I could try it before, during my college years...

Photo of cejadaniel-428

I work with a lot of people. Last week my boss asked me to give an idea on improvement of some of our products. I had to do it on the basis of our customer reviews and feed back. But my creativity was lost for that week. I had many problems in my family, lot of stress and couldn't think about anything. Every day I have heard a question ' Hey, Mike, any ideas on the product?!' I answered only ' I am working on it' But no idea at all in my head. Accidentally I saw some reviews about Blue Dream pre roll. One guy wrote that it unleashed his creativity. I thought 'May be I should try this strain' I used to take some weed before. I came to the closest shop and took some pre roll. It was average price. But to my surprise it made my creativity higher, relaxed my brain. My problems in family were resolved. My suggestions on improvement accepted by my boss. It is really magical marijuana!

Blue Dream Pre Roll in San Francisco, CA

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