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Medical | Tinctures&Sublingual

The purest extract available, enriched with highly refined lavender, chamomile, and passionflower essential oils—this calming blend is your ideal way to press pause on a stress-filled day.

● Convenient and discreet

● Dry herbs are steeped in our proprietary blend for 48 hours

● Great taste (or tasteless)

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Photo of Marcelo C

These drops, they REALLY WORK! I suffer from stress, anxiety and panic attacks, especially in public. Nothing my doctor prescribed could help me. I tried these drops because I saw a review from a woman with a similar condition in the internet - frankly speaking I was ready to try ANYTHING! There are different taste but I've chosen lavender. It is rather strong and I still cannot get used to it, but I will not take out the star for it. Because it is like miracle! I've been taking the CBD drops just for 3 weeks on a daily basis and my condition is close to normal again. I take it 3 or 4 times a day - there is a dropper to make the process easier. CBD effect appears in an hour or so, so I take it as soon as I get up for the first time. And it is very convenient to take it to work with me - it does not spill and again - the dropper comes in handy

Photo of Monte T

It seems to me that I found my perfect product. I was in hundreds of shops. No one suggested this strong drops. Why do I like it? I like aromatherapy. I hate smoking, drinking and drugs by the way. But this small bottle of some medical strain is an exception for me. I like to take it with me to work. No one knows what I use. But this CBD Lavender a perfect decision for me at the end of the working day. It is very chamomile. Also, it makes me sleep perfectly. I had problems with sleeping before. I could sleep for 2-3 hours and sleep in the morning as usual. Now, it is a pleasure for me to go to bed. I just take some drops and sleep in 20minutes. Amazing!

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