Photo of SD Extracts by Pure Cannabis Oil Cartridge Classic Series Sativa 1000mg

Pure Cannabis Oil Cartridge Classic Series, Sativa, 1000mg

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A vape pen – or “personal vaporizer” – is a classy, high tech gizmo that heats cannabis oil to a temperature just short of combustion, releasing a smokeless, lightly-scented mist free of toxic tars and carbon. Quickly becoming all the rage (The Oxford English Dictionary recently crowned “vape” its Word of the Year) it seems as though everywhere you turn someone is using a sleek, sexy, subversive little wand for their medicating needs. People are vaping cannabis on the street, in restaurants, movie theaters, airplanes, and other public places without the stigma of lighting a joint or packing a bowl.  At 1000mg per cartridge, this Sativa strain cannabis oil will give you an uplifting, heady high. Best used for treating depression, fatigue, and promoting creativity and sociability.

Pure Cannabis Oil Cartridge Classic Series, Sativa, 1000mg in San Francisco, CA

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