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The presidential pre-roll is an immediate, long-lasting dosage of PRESIDENTIAL Rx hash-infused flower. At presidential, we take pride in our pre-rolls.They burn slow, hit cleanly and are rolled with a filter for the smoothest experience. For the patient on the go, our PRE ROLLS deliver every time.

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Photo of jarrellgreen-9719

Great choice! Perfect combination of price and quality! I used to buy weed online and it was a toss-up each time. I could never expect that I will receive a quality stuff this time, even using the same service the strain was different each time - flavor, color, sometimes it was dusty or damp. And next time it was good again. I got tired of surprises and drove to the nearest dispensary to see the product I was buying with my own eyes. The choice was not as big as online, but I had something to choose from. And finally these prerolls caught my eye! I don't usually buy prerolls, for they are more expensive, but a nice blond budtender offered me a considerable discount. The lady was so helpful (and beautiful) that I simply couldn't say no :-) But I didn't regret the purchase. The prerolls contain hash-infused flower. I was used to 'clear' product so the effect was like 'wow!' I enjoyed the processed and got real high. It burns smoothly and the flavor is extraordinary. For sure I will return for more, the beautiful wench knew how to hook me! :-)

Photo of Gissel V

As for experienced smoker watermelon pre-roll is a perfect strain. I used to have edibles, cartridges, drinkables etc. But pre-rolls have the strongest impact on me and my brain. I tried different taste with different level of THC and CBD. But it seems to me that Watermelon has a very comfortable dosage of the components. Specially I love to smoke it after my hard working days. When my family goes to sleep I take my pre-roll, which burn slow and enjoy the taste and whole strain. To my luck I have 24/7 club next to my house. It allows me to possess my pre-rolls even if I am out of it. Highly recommend!

Watermelon Pre-Roll in San Francisco, CA

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