Photo of Pauls Boutique Nursery by Rosin Coin-CherryGasam

Cherrygasam is the latest endeavor from Subcool of TGA Genetics. Subcool acquired Cherry Pie OG known for its sweet and sour Cherry Pie flavor and introduced her to Space Queen who is known for it's Cherry, lemon's and candy flavors. The resulting cross has made for some very sticky, gooey resinous off spring. Flowering should be complete by 70 to 80 days with 75 being optimal to retain the essence of the aroma's. Near the completion you can expect some very resinous and gorgeous Maroon's, Purple's and Black colors to make for some sexy diamond bag appeal.  Solventless cannabis concentate extracted usuing only heat and pressure. Made from fresh trichomes (Hash Rosin) resulting in a terpene rich, strong, & clean product.

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Rosin Coin-CherryGasam in San Francisco, CA

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