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NUG Shatter - Chemdawg

Concentrates | Shatter

With its origins in bagseed found at a 1991 Grateful Dead Summer Tour stop, it’s hard to find a strain more ingrained in American cannabis culture than Chemdawg. An OG amongst OGs, Chemdawg’s sharp, gassy terpene profile lies at the root of Sour Diesel, OG Kush, GG4 and more. That pedigree has kept Chemdawg at the heart of the cannabis breeding game, reliably meeting an unending demand for for its unique flavor and potency. If you love gas, and we’re talking real GAS, then you owe it to yourself to treat your lungs to the full-contact cannabis history lesson that is a smoke session with Chemdawg.


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NUG Shatter - Chemdawg in San Francisco, CA

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