Photo of Moxie by Kush Mountain x Lemon Burst Live Resin Sauce

Kush Mountain x Lemon Burst Live Resin Sauce

Concentrates | Sauce

The Kush Mountain Kronic high comes on with a growing effect, lifting your mind into a state of relaxed happiness that is slightly hazy at times. You’ll quickly become giggly and euphoric, laughing at anything around you and generally staying in good spirits. As your mental state lifts, your body will drop into a feeling of complete relaxation that can be slightly sedative at times. these effects make Kush Mountain Kronic perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, depression, and chronic stress.  Bred from parents Lemon Haze and Wonkstar, Lemon Burst maintains much of the lemony characteristics of its famous parent. Look at the combinations and levels of terpenes in Lemon Burst. The terpene profile has a lot to do with the balance of this particular strain. Great for anxiety relief, pain relief, and increasing appetite.

Kush Mountain x Lemon Burst Live Resin Sauce in San Francisco, CA

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