Photo of Kikoko by Sympa-Tea 20mg CBD  3mg THC 10 Pack

Sympa-Tea 20mg CBD / 3mg THC (10 Pack)

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Sympa-Tea is designed to treat multiple types of pain by inducing muscle relaxation, reducing inflammation and decreasing the sensation of pain. It’s a mentally relaxing tea that takes the edge off stress and anxiety. Paired with anti-inflammatory powerhouses turmeric, ginger and licorice root, this tea is immensely healing and is great for daily preventative care.  Our belief is that CBD is a powerful contributor to well-being and preventative medicine. CBD itself is a completely non-psychoactive compound, and has been found to be a neuroprotective, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, kills some cancer cells and works as an antidepressant.

Organic ingredients: ginger, tumeric, orange peel, black pepper, star anise, cinnamon, licorice root, and KikoGold cannabis active.

20mg CBD / 3mg THC per individual sachet

Each can contains 200mg CBD, 30mg THC in 10 sachets

Avaliable in individual pouches as well!

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