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Product Description: The 10:1 Ratio is a High-CBD & CBDA blend designed for clear-minded, powerful results. Standardized with dominating servings of CBD & CBDA this full-plant cannabis oil provides a specialized cannabinoid support system for a variety of needs. Effects from the small serving of THC are minimal and only included to enhance the support provided by CBD & CBDA. The Clinical terpene blend contributes an effect that is neither awakening nor sedating. Each terpene in the Clinical terpene blend was hand-selected by our lead chemist and team of MD’s to provide optimal support for a variety of needs.

Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Juice Extract, Cannabis Terpenes, Glycerin Flakes.

Contains: Cannabis constituents extracted by food grade hydrocarbons and purified water.

Clinical Terpenes: Alongside many of the leading minds in cannabis research, we find it necessary to establish a new classification of how we think and talk about the effects of cannabis! By adding to the standard nomenclature with the term "Clinical Terpenes", we aim to draw more attention to the individual effects of each fantastic terpene! Within this Clinical Terpene blend, you may find some of the very same terpenes known to be found in Indica or Sativa cannabis. For example, Limonene is commonly found in many uplifting Sativa strains. However, clinical studies on Limonene derived from other botanical sources have shown much greater benefits than just a simple energy boost. Data has shown this terpene to reduce stress as well as increase the absorption of other terpenes and cannabinoids! 


Per Serving: 8mg CBD / 8mg CBDA / .75mg THC / .75mg THCA

Per Pen: 320mg CBD / 320mg CBDA / 30mg THC / 30mg THCA

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FECO 1:10 Clinical Terpenes (HIGH THC) in San Francisco, CA

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