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EVOLVD cartridges contain 1g of pure CO2 extracted oil. Our clean green certified, proprietary extraction process allows for optimal flavor/terpene retention, no post processing, and over 300 hits. Comprised of stainless steel and glass, our high-quality cartridges can be heated by external sources to liquefy oil for optimal vaping viscosity in any environment.

EVOLVD uses all material processed is selectively sourced from Clean Green Certified farms or farms using beyond sustainable/organic practices. We take zero shortcuts to produce our premium cartridges. Whether that's never reusing our co2 between batches, to sourcing the highest possible cartridge available on the market, to clean green certifying our process to validate that our standards are complaint with FDA organic regulations, to providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee to positively stand behind every product that goes out with our name on it. The bottom line is that we care.

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