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Devils Lettuce is quality outdoor smalls sourced from family-owned, organic cultivators in California. Our product is different than a lot of the other products on the shelves and sometimes it confuses people. We use the “smalls” of the plant in order to get more flower to patients and customers at a far cheaper price.

We're not aiming for the most exotic strain names just to charge high prices for grams. We're the cheap guys, the more bang for your buck brand. We're proud of that! We wanna get you high every day without spending your whole paycheck. Each batch is made from the same harvested flower so bags and pre-rolls are not "mixed-strain". Our products are always labeled Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or CBD so you know what you're getting. We are a grab-and-go product - the opposite of a selective delicacy brand. This keeps it simple for consumers and bud tenders alike. 

At Devils Lettuce we are doing our best every day to deliver the best products to you. Devils Lettuce is manufactured within strict QCQA guidelines and is fully tested and labeled for compliance (including Phase 3 as of January 1, 2019). The patented dual-duffing technology ensures you will always have a consistent, high-quality product and an enjoyable high with every bag or pre-roll.

Roll with us!

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Photo of Nicole S

We are used so much to famous brands that we often disregard smaller decent providers. In our mind big name = quality, no-name brand = something suspicious, probably not worth the money they ask. I also have this prejudice and I am happy that Devil's Lettuce has proved me wrong. I don't have any medical grounds for any strong THC stuff. I just need a smoke now and then to relax and calm down. And I am really glad to find this cheap provider that caters for all my needs in marijuana. I've tried a couple of their product and Indica Pre-roll is my current favorite. I could be content with flower but I still haven't learned to make decent joints. And with the price they offer I can afford buying joints as often as I please. My review is the way to say thanks to the guys and to pay attention of customers to family-owned honest cultivators - they are yet to surprise you!

Photo of drflowers-88

I have found Device Lettuce recently. I didn't use it before. But I liked it so much. I liked the amount of indica and Sativa there. The Indica is absolutely perfect for the Device. I have very nice sleep after this weed. That's why I always have Lettuce in my house. Even if my children have some problems with sleep I let them to try a little. Sativa is high me up more. But I feel the effect of Indica more. I feel more sleepy and relaxed. The price in my weed shop is also accessible. It allows me to buy it every week. Well, very nice weed! Just try it and have a great sleep!

Devils Lettuce Pre-roll Indica in San Francisco, CA

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