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Definition of budder

Budder is a marijuana concentrate that has a soft, creamy and butter-like consistency. The same term may refer to live resin budder or to the solvent-based extract, though the second is much more popular due to its high potency.

Appearance. As the name suggests, budder looks just like butter. As for the color, it is usually a bit darker than wax or crumble, but light extracts are also present in the market and much appreciated.

Texture. Budder is similar to wax in texture, but is a bit softer and more pliant.

Aroma. The manufacturing of live resin budder allows to save the valuable terpenes so this product is highly valued for its aromatic qualities.

Potency. A solvent-based extract is claimed to contain from 70% to 99% of active THC. Live budder is less potent but certainly purer.

How to smoke and dab budder?

There exists a number of different ways of consuming vaporizable cannabis concentrates (VCCs). The most widespread ones are dabbing, smoking, vaping, and using in edibles.


This way of consuming requires using an oil rig (or a dab bong) and a dabbing tool. The oil rig is a device specifically designed for dabbing potent extracts to get maximum of the concentrate. For dabbing budder, do the following:

  • Use a flat-tip dabber tool to take the required amount of budder.

  • Heat the nail with the help of gas-powered torch or, alternatively, use the e-nail that gets heated to the desired temperature on its own. The recommended temperature is 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Put the concentrate on the nail to make it start vaporizing.

  • Put a cap on the nail and inhale the vapor.

Smoking and vaping

Budder can be added to joints or blunts the same way as it is with crumble: put a weed of the paper or tobacco, and add some budder on top in the center of the roll. Enjoy the mixture of tastes! You can also combine budder with pipe or bong smoking.

Using in edibles

Due to its creamy structure and high THC level, budder is a frequent component of various cannabis-based edibles.

Storing budder right

Same as the other cannabis potent strains, budder has to be stored in special conditions. Otherwise, it will lose its lightness, aroma, soft consistency and overall effect. The correct way to store budder is:

  • keeping it in the air-tight silicone or glass container (you can buy one in smoke shops or dispensaries);

  • protecting the container from heat and direct sunrays;

  • storing it in the dry place to avoid unnecessary moisture come up.

Follow these simple rules and your budder will have a long shelf life.

First invention and popularity rise

The invention of budder by a man now known as a BudderKing was a breakthrough in cannabis consumption. It happened in 1990s when no one had previously used high quality cannabis for oil production. Together with his friend, a BudderKing made oil and turned it to shatter or almost-budder to increase the potent effects. However, it took him long ten to fifteen years to get the final perfect consistency, flavor, taste and aroma of that budder we know now. It is interesting to note that the first budder was made only with alcohol, because the inventor never knew how to use butane for this purpose.

Budder first got incredibly successful in 2003 when its sales started in the first marijuana shop in Vancouver. Since that time, budder never lost its winning position in the market. Numerous researches prove that the use of marijuana concentrates is still growing both within the USA and around the globe. The amount of users who consume potent forms of cannabis on the regular basis is increasing, too.

Stages of budder production

Making a solvent-based butter

There are 5 main stages of budder manufacturing most of which are similar with the production of other solvent-based concentrates. However, as each strain has its unique peculiarities, the manufacturing process also varies.

Note that all the listed stages cannot be performed in non-professional environment or self-created labs, because using solvents like propane and butane may result in the appearance of highly dangerous flammable gases. Leave the budder manufacturing to professionals and learn more about the process to understand the nature of the extract better:

  1. Gathering cannabis and filling the bigger part of the extraction tube with it.

  2. Adding propane or butane into the glass bowl.

  3. Purging the product in the vacuum oven to evaporate the solvent. The recommended temperature is 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit with the purging period of 1-3 days.

  4. Whipping the budder in the middle or in the end of purging until it gets its creamy structure.

  5. Chilling the concentrate.

Making a solvent-free butter

This kind of budder will certainly not be as potent as the previous one, but it is valued for its purity and natural aroma. Live budder is very much similar to a rosin, but has the creamier consistency. Unlike the solvent-based budder, a live one can be produced even in home conditions without any danger. The stages are the following:

  1. Gathering a cannabis flower and wrapping it in a parchment paper.

  2. Heating the plant material (at home, it can be made with the help of a hair straightener using the device to squeeze the parchment paper).

  3. Whipping a rosin to get the creamy structure of a budder.

Before manufacturing live budder at home, check whether the local regulations in your area permit it.

Budder and badder: which one to choose?

Despite the seeming similarity, the terms «budder» and «badder» do not mean the same thing. Badder, or batter, is a lingering, sometimes sticky substance while budder is solid, soft and creamy. The manufacturing process of both types is almost the same, with little differences in the temperature and the whipping intensity. Which one to select is only the matter of personal preferences.

Both of these products may be produced in a non-solvent way, with the final product sometimes called the «whipped rosin». Considering how slight the difference between these two types of concentrate is, many repositories do not distinguish it and use words «budder» and «badder» as synonyms.

Best quality budder: how to select?

Think twice when selecting a budder, because its quality may define your health and the high effects you get. Bad quality butter with toxic residuals may result in heavy coughs and lung diseases. Moreover, it will just not be as potent as you want it to be.

The most credible way to get sure in the quality of any potent strain is the lab testing. It allows to check the cannabinoid content, presence or absence of residual butane or propane, and contaminants. But what should common consumers do to make the right choice? There is a set of rules that will help you to select the best quality budder on your own:

  1. Buy only from trusted suppliers.

    Licensed dispensaries and trusted marijuana shops with a name value their reputation and do not risk selling low-quality products. Moreover, they take care of storing the goods in the proper way. Budder bought at the black market, even for a good price, often results in serious problems with lungs due to butane consuming.

  2. Ask about the type of cannabis flower used for budder manufacturing.

    Choose the one that suits your purpose best. Indica makes you more relaxed, Sativa gets you high, and Hybrid combines the characteristics of both.

  3. Don`t judge by color.

    Color of wax is not a very reliable indication of purity. Note that in most cases it is the lighter the purer, but this rule does not always work. Sometimes darker budder may just have higher THC level. If you want to stay on the safe side, you`d better choose light extracts.

  4. Look for better taste and flavor.

    If the budder is manufactured in the wrong way, it loses its rich aroma and taste. To identify the difference, it is necessary to have some previous experience in budder consuming. The more experienced you get, the easier it will be for you to distinguish good and bad quality budder by taste or flavor.

  5. Forget about the texture.

    Strain consistency is certainly important, but only for your personal satisfaction. In the matter of purity and potency of strains, texture does not make a difference. If you do not mind getting wax or batter instead of your budder, do not make extract texture your priority.

Pros and cons of budder consuming

Consumers often distinguish budder from other concentrates. What makes it so popular? Get a checklist with advantages and disadvantages of budder in comparison with other potent strains:

  • easy to work with due to the creamy consistency;

  • easy to carry and transfer (unlike shatter, for instance);

  • highly potent (up to 99% THC);

  • versatile in consuming (smoking, dabbing, using in edibles);

  • less appealing and eye-catching visually;

  • solvent-based.

The indicated disadvantages disappear if one chooses a live rosin butter as a natural alternative of a BHO. Despite lower high effects, «the whipped rosin» is keeping its marketplace for undeniable purity.