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  • Tue 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Photo of James b

Great selection of flowers and anything else you would need. Staff is great and very helpful no matter what the situation.

Photo of J Dugish

The shop was comfortable and very well organized. The staff is professional and legit. The location is perfect!

Photo of Josue Rivera

Cool staff. Nice selection at decent prices. Parking can be a bee yacht ....always gotta "steal" some free stickers when I visit!

Photo of Amar Chauhan

Best prices in the city hands down!!!. Everything you see including the price is what you pay for no taxes included if ands or buts!!!!!!!! yo man I always get my cartridges here and there so so cheap.

Photo of Shane Hoerster

Went there and spent a couple hundred bucks they excepted my medical card and my out-of-state ID which is very awesome good product staff is amazing!

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  • Medical
  • Recreational

Member since

July 2018

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