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El Camino Village, CA 90249

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Photo of phoenixascendingrose

I have never tried Abusive OG as in this place. I used to buy in another place but they closed and removed to another area that is far away from me. The bud tender told me about this strange strain and about their effects. He told me soooy sweet that I wanted to use it. I was in need something for relaxation of my body cause I do sport professional and run out professional discipline sometimes. Well when I smoked it gave me peaceful state of mind that made to forget about time and direct me to full relation of my body. If wanna relax try this strain!

Photo of Ahmar Q

I am very happy and loyal customer of this fascinating place. The procedure of verification is so smooth and convenient that I have forgot what I was looking for here?)But the professional bud tender put his hand on pulse and ready to help you any second. I came with remembering the name of my med but when come forgot. The professional bud understood my conditions and recommended me some kinds of weed. What I need was among of them)Apple Jack (sativa)Besides I got some edibles and they were perfect I can say))Professional staff and great products!!!

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October 2017

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