3033 Shattuck Ave

Berkeley, CA 94705

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Photo of daphnelee-1225

I am in two minds about this place. The variety of products is great, edibles, flowers and everything. The quality of medication is high. The bud tender whom I talked to was very knowledgeable and educated. He got answers to all my questions. You can also order online beforehand and just come and pick up your medicine. But their lines suck. They can not even manage them for everybody's convenience. The place is crowdy and the lines move too slow. People lost their order from time to time. Don't have their own parking lot so had to duck near the sidewalk or far down the street.

Photo of florestomas-8

The.Worst.Dispensary.I.Have.Ever.Visited. Who may you think drove from Oakland to this shitty place to get the meds? Of course, me did. I have been a medical patient for two years and I was recommended by my friend to visit this clinic given that they provide medical services regularly and the weed here is always laboratory tested, ecologically clean and medical patients are treated with patience and courtesy. And I fell for this. In very deed the customer service is RIP since they are open for recreational! When I came in I immediately noticed two lines. As I was explained by the safeguard one is for recreational, the second one is for medical. I stood the line for medical usage and it passed like 10 minutes and it didn't move while recreational line moved quickly. I asked the guard if I could change the line but he remained inscrutable and told me it's not allowed. Not allowed, man! I am a MEDICAL patient, I spent money for a medical license and now you are telling me that I have to wait some more fkn time to get my medicine? Are you crazy!? But I could not do anything about this but waiting. Eventually when I went to the counter I was treated as I was not a patient at all. The guy behind the counter was all dead it looked like he hates his job.Please, man take him away on the street or just to the back room. I pay my money and spend my time to get a top quality service (according to your reputation of such), not this dully face and stupidity in the eyes. It seemed these guys are all about MAKING MONEY for recreational usage they do NOT CARE ABOUT the medical patients anymore! I hope my shout out will be helpful for those who don't want to waste their time for the long wait and lack of professionalism.

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October 2017

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