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Zero Gravity Extracts has a combined 30+ years cultivating Maine medical marijuana. We process this fine cannabis into craft cannabis concentrates. As we enter the era of recreational legalization, quality and customer satisfaction is our company’s ethos.

Stellar cannabis concentrates starts with the finest inputs, our Maine grown craft cannabis. Maine is known the country over for quality craftsmanship in everything we do. Be it boat building, lobstering & fishing, blueberry and vegetable farming, on and on… And of course having the best medical marijuana program in the country. Maine was one of the first states to adopt medical marijuana and we have been honing our craft ever since. The farmers at Zero Gravity Extract are essential in providing the end result, the best cannabis concentrates on the market.

Zero Gravity Extracts is a premier cannabis concentrates & flower company headquartered in Saco Maine. Maine’s marijuana program for caregivers and patients is the best in the country with Maine recreational marijuana is right around the corner. Zero Gravity will also be participating in Maine’s recreational cannabis industry by pushing the boundaries of what cannabis flower & concentrates can be.  We are equipped with a state of the art 12,000 sq. ft. grow facility and State of Maine certified C1D1 extraction facility. Our cannabis business is 100% vertically integrated.

If you are a cannabis consumer take advantage of our marijuana delivery services. If you are a caregiver storefront or recreational cannabis retail location please reach out, we are always looking for new partners! It’s all about quality and customer service.

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