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When cramps creep in and physical discomfort is at its peak, YONI offers ladies a solution to their PMS and menstruation symptoms. YONI designs its cannabis-infused products with women in mind to relieve internal and external discomfort. Periods don’t need to suck: YONI cannabis products provide a natural, soothing alternative without the use of heavy-duty pills.



The team behind YONI brings years of dedicated medical cannabis experience to its valued customers. Originally a branch of Mota Cannabis Products, YONI spread its wings in 2017 to address the needs of women dealing with painful menstrual and PMS symptoms. YONI’s founders knew firsthand the medicinal potential of cannabis, and developed a product line to address women’s health needs in particular. Soothing, subtle, and effective, YONI’s high-quality cannabis products use natural ingredients to provide relief.



When it comes to its products, the YONI team selects the highest-quality ingredients and source materials for patients. YONI utilizes CBD sourced from organic hemp farms and THC from clean cannabis cultivators to craft its materials. The YONI extraction artists use proprietary methods to formulate CBD isolate, cannabis oil and THC distillate, with which they infuse their products.



Patients enjoy soothing cannabis relief from YONI’s wide range of products designed with ladies in mind. The best-selling YONI Soak dissolves in bathwater and tingles the skin to relieve external pain. YONI Relax features cannabis-infused herbal tea with THC and CBD. For internal relief, the YONI Relief Tincture easily blends into a beverage for long-lasting wellness.


Lab Testing

YONI staff care about the wellness and safety of all patients, and each of its feminine care products goes through quality control inspections before distribution. The team regularly sends out its cannabis ingredients to MB Labs to test for potency, as well as residual solvents, pesticides, and mold.

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