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Western Cultured is devoted to the continual learning, growth and sharing of their cannabis expertise with the world. They strive to lead the cannabis industry by example and offer high-quality, mindfully crafted marijuana products through responsible and innovative processes. Formulating several strain-specific flower, joints, and extracted cannabis products, Western Cultured is dedicated to eliminating the antiquated negative stigmas obscuring marijuana culture. Rooted in tradition and ever-evolving, Western Cultured continues to “head west” as cannabis trailblazers.


The founders of Western Cultured’s history are deeply rooted in cannabis, and their long experience clues them in to what high standards make a particular marijuana experience worthy of a second and third visit. They prioritize flavor, cleanliness, and time-honed practices to produce adventure-worthy marijuana experiences. From pure extracts to the classic feel of a craft-rolled joint, Western Cultured creates everything a cannabis consumer could need.


Western Cultured utilizes the most advanced equipment, discerningly chosen nutrients and soil, time-refined processes and lasting vendor relationships with passionate partners in Washington marijuana. They grow flower with the strongest genetics, using natural methods honed by their team of expert farmers and cured to the ideal bud. Each joint is rolled with 100% Western Cultured flower (no shake or trim), ground to consistency and sprinkled with kief to offer an evenly rolled, satisfactory smoke. For their extracts, Western Cultured partners with Washington masters like Xtracted, The Werc Shop, and Pearl to provide the best concentrates on the market. Utilizing hydrocarbon, Co2 extraction, and other solventless methods, connoisseurs can enjoy a rotation of wax, terpene cartridges, and solventless vape pen carts.

Lab Testing:

To Western Cultured, quality means more than a label on their packaging. Success means continual evolving and growing to offer the finest possible marijuana experience. They partner with Integrity Labs to test their marijuana batches for potency, pesticides, terpenes, residual solvents, microbials and all other impurities before passing it along to their dispensary vendors.

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