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Nothing beats being able to smoke almost anywhere and travel with technological elegance. Discreet. Smooth. Potent. Ultra Premium, Styled in different metallics platinum and variation of gold with the strain you want and need. There is an overwhelming demand for #VVSPENS. The Vaporizer game deserved a much needed premium/luxury device. VVS pens will soon be all over the state of California. Later in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

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Photo of guillermothiengo

I tried the most popular cartridges and brands and liked most of them. There was no need for me to try a new brand, for I always buy from online delivery service - they charge a lot, but I have constant discount as a regular customer, and the quality is grand. So when I came across VVS pens - it was curiosity that won. I bought a disposable pen - 1 gram. But it didn't look 1 gram. I compared it to a different 1 gram pen - it was almost half the size. I could say the pen or the inside was really bad - it was average quality, but I don't like being fooled and ripped off. I could have paid the same for their pen had they honestly written 0.5 gram on it. But now - never. I'd better returned to my old reliable seller - I am ready to pay more if I see for what I pay

Photo of samsonlew

I was presented King Louie Cartridge from VVS Pens on my birthday) I can say that it was high quality product with pleasant smell. After I finished my cart I check the brand VVS. It was very strange that I have heard bad reviews about this brand but King was very nice. I went to the shop to check another products of VVS. I took prerolls and GSC cookies. They were recommended on some websites. But to my surprise I was fully disappointed. Reviews were true. Their prerolls were real shit. The price was very high for this quality. I am not going to buy any pre rolls from there. It is better for me to go my local club and spend money for some kind of edibles. I like them so much. GSC cookies was also loss of $50. It tastes terrible. My impression was spoiled. Well, if you see in your club VVS, you can try for sure. May be you find something for you. But I don't recommend their products at all.