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Naturally pure and carefully crafted cannabis


Indulge and unwind into cannabis-infused bliss with VIDA spa and beauty products. The VIDA team believe in the powerful healing qualities of cannabis alongside natural plant-based ingredients. Through precise care and seasoned experience, VIDA provides luxurious, cannabis-infused beauty products to address the needs of all skin types.



VIDA pioneers the purifying world of cannabis-infused topicals. Starting in 2012 as a subsect of the well-known Mota Cannabis Products, VIDA branched off in 2016 to address the much-neglected realm of cannabis products in the beauty industry. The team behind VIDA knew through experience how topically applied CBD and THC could soothe a wide variety of skin conditions and pain symptoms. VIDA has since evolved into a force of nature, leading the charge for cannabis research and infused and plant-based beauty products across Canada.



VIDA selects the highest-quality ingredients and source materials to formulate its cosmetic products. VIDA begins with CBD flowers sourced from organic hemp farms and THC-rich strains sourced from British Columbia growers, who utilize organic growing methods. VIDA’s extractors employ whole-plant extraction methods to produce the purest cannabis oil possible to infuse their products. Every other ingredient is approved for cosmetic use, designed to nurture and refresh skin to its radiant self.



Canada patients enjoy a full line of infused cosmetic and spa products crafted by VIDA professionals. The Bath Bombs are extremely popular, delivering THC and CBD absorption all over the body and encouraging widespread muscle and pain relief. A soak in the tub with a VIDA Bath Bomb is free of intoxicating effects, too. VIDA Massage Oils provide topical relief coupled with aromatherapy for added holistic wellness.


Lab Testing

VIDA’s staff care about the quality of its medicine, and lab tests each batch of bath products for quality assurance. VIDA sends all cannabis ingredients to MB Labs to test for residual solvents, potency, pesticides, and mold content.

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