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Valhalla Confections

Simply put, Valhalla produces the best infused gummies on the planet. Valhalla gummies come in three delicious flavors, are strain specific, and each available in Sativa, Indica or CBD. Valhalla gummies are gluten-free, pesticide free, use organic ingredients and kosher gelatin. We infuse, we DO NOT SPRAY. We believe in Fair Trade practices and working only with sustainable and responsible growers. Valhalla is ardently dedicated to sourcing the highest quality medicine and organic ingredients. We routinely lab test our products with the most respected labs known. VCo only uses FDA Food Grade silicone molds free from BPA, PVC & phthalates, latex, and heavy metals. We want to ensure that VCo products are truly safe medicine. Our high quality ingredients coupled with precise dosing and premium cannabis extract, make Valhalla edibles the best in the biz. Available in CA, NM, and NV.