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THCreations is an extraction and refinement lab dedicated to producing the most medically sound product for the Oklahoma patient. Using food grade/non-volatile solvents at cryogenic states we are able to extract the complete plant profile and maintain its clarity/purity. In using this cutting-edge extraction method, we are able to create a solvent free product. This method is hailed as a breakthrough in the industry and is gaining attention quickly. THCreations was founded by proud Oklahoman's who aim to share their passion for the medicinal values of cannabis, as an alternative to addiction causing and withdrawal inducing alternatives.  Through post processing we will make a variety of products, and wish to treat our repeat customers to a 3 day order-to-ship deliveries as wait lists are so often a problem.  


Mission Statement

Our mission is to use cutting-edge technology to bring our customers the best medical concentrate products at the best price. 


Positioning Statement

THCreations is committed to providing consumers with premium extracts that are created using a method that is healthier and safer than historical alternatives. Additionally, we recognize the importance of having affordable products in this market and will offer our distillates, concentrates, and cartridges for prices that are better than the competitors. 

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