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Relief has never felt sweeter!


Alleviate your pain without any psychoactive effects. Sweet ReLeaf is pleased to present an option for those suffering from chronic pain.Their line of cannabis-infused topicals utilizes the medical benefits of marijuana without the traditional high. Sweet ReLeaf offers a holistic option for pain management. Patients detoxifying from pharmaceutical medication can experience fast acting relief, without the worry of dependency thanks to Sweet ReLeaf’s formulation of cannabinoids and essential oils. No matter what your physical ailment is, rub Sweet ReLeaf on, then the pain is gone.



Sweet ReLeaf was developed out of necessity. The founder formulated a marijuana topical for a family member  dealing with severe pain. After a terrible car accident, injuries left this family member with a potential lifetime dealing with pain management. That was when the founder got to work to develop a natural solution to chronic ailments without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals. The result was Sweet ReLeaf, a line of marijuana-infused body butters that soothe pain and calm inflammation.



Sweet ReLeaf creates their body butter by hand usingf ingredients that nourish your skin. Their formulation begins with a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, cacao butter, candelilla and essential oils. Then, Sweet ReLeaf introduces the cannabinoids into their body butter. They collect their trichomes through live resin extraction, freezing fresh cannabis flowers then remove the resinous glands containing relief. The final product is a body butter with enchanting aromatics and even better effects.



Sweet ReLeaf’s line of medicated topicals is made by hand with all natural ingredients. Sweet ReLeaf Original is their best seller and comes in one-, two-, and four-ounce sizes. Their blend offers the nourishment your skin craves while delivering soothing relief. Sweet ReLeaf also offers an unscented version of their body butter, a favorite among patients suffering from nausea or who have extra sensitive skin from chemotherapy. For those who need super sweet relief, Sweet ReLeaf also offers cannabis topicals in extra strength. Sweet ReLeaf Extra Strength is made with the same marvelous ingredients as their regular-strength formulation, but with twice the cannabinoids. It’s perfect for folks with chronic conditions or debilitating pain.

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