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Sweet Leaf Concentrates extracts the most effective cannabinoids and terpenes from premium cultivars to whip up fresh batches of strain-specific BHO shatters. With one common goal, the Sweet Leaf team has joined together to formulate a solution to help end the opioid crisis and provide customers with an alternative solution to prescription drugs. Sweet Leaf Concentrate sources their concentrates using prime buds and practices closed-loop extraction methods. Through a commitment to provide consistent quality, Sweet Leaf Concentrates promises to remain true and uphold their products to the highest industry standards.



Life wasn’t always as sweet for the folks at Sweet Leaf Concentrates. The early days began with many challenges from determining the most effective extraction methods to advertising, due to the legal boundaries of the state. The company has seen many forward changes since obtaining their medical marijuana license in 2015. Sweet Leaf Concentrates makes their products accessible to cannabis consumers throughout Canada.



Sweet Leaf Concentrate crafts their collection of concentrates by extracting genetics from the most popular strains throughout B.C. By utilizing their in-house, state-of-the-art extraction equipment, and closed-loop techniques, the Sweet Leaf extract artists have adapted a safer way to produce high-quality concentrates. The team gathers their materials then begins the extraction process. Once the product nears its final state of matter, Sweet Leaf seals the slab in the high-grade vacuum oven before it is packaged and sent. The impeccable quality and consistency allow customers to enjoy the full-spectrum of terpene flavors and potent therapeutic effects.




Sweet Leaf Concentrates offers up a variety of premium shatters that have been extracted from the finest flowers from farms all over British Columbia, Canada. The selection of slabs includes strain-specific options that include Afghani Kush, Green Crack, Comatose, Pine Tar Kush, MK Ultra, Rockstar, Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookie, Ghost Train Haze, and White Widow.


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