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Sublime Brands is a family owned and operated Cannabis company established in Arizona in 2015. We focus on small batch, master crafted Elevated Cannabis products. In Oklahoma, our extraction lab and infusion kitchen are housed under one roof, so we control every step of the process, ensuring the best quality. Sublime Brands uses a proprietary solvent-less whole plant distillation process which produces Sublime Champagne Distillate: a pure, flavorless Cannabis oil with a full cannabinoid profile. Our goal has always been to produce the best Cannabis medicine possible, with an aim to ensure patients can access safe, quality medicine at a fair price.



Our partners, Go Labs in Tulsa, OK, aligned with our high standards of quality and consistency, which is why we are proud to establish Sublime Brands Oklahoma. 



Sublime Brands Elevated Cannabis Products + Champagne Distillate Infused Edibles

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