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Strainz is a national cannabis brand management and cannabis products company that was started by an A-team of cannabis leaders, physicians and business professionals. Working with and inspired by the best of the business, Strainz collaborates with licensed partners to radically transform the world of cannabis, creating unique products using the natural wonders of the marijuana plant. They embrace values of effectiveness, quality, compassion and social responsibility: Strainz is here to drive the cannabis revolution.


Strainz got its start November 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, originating for highly personal reasons. CEO and co-founder Hugh Hempel’s twin daughters were born with Niemann-Pick Type C, a neurological disease described as “Childhood Alzheimer’s,” which causes loss of motor function, cognitive function and seizures. Hempel used cannabis to treat his twins’ seizures, and since he could not find cannabis oil to offer his daughters the treatment they needed, he decided to make some himself. Thus, Strainz was born, and soon after, Hempel realized he wanted to provide cannabis products to any patient who needed it.

Taking a leaf out of Silicon Valley’s playbook, Hempel and the founding team began to vertically integrate Strainz on a large scale while navigating the playing field of State and Federal regulations. Today, Strainz sells their products through licensed dispensaries in Colorado, Washington, and Nevada while partnering with many cultivators and production facilities to create a premium portfolio of both medical and recreational cannabis products.


When creating their cannabis oils, Strainz selects different marijuana strains to extract and combines them to yield an accurate ratio of cannabinoids, highlighting marijuana’s entourage effect to achieve the best health results. Cannabis is different than the pharmaceutical industry’s “one size pill fits all,” so they strive to offer various combinations to provide and customize for multiple health needs and metabolisms.


Strainz and their partners collaborate to produce a number of high-grade, potent and effective cannabis products. Their Ratio vape and tincture line comes in CBD (20:1) CBD: THC (1:1) and THC (1:20) formulas, offering oil in both their unique Magnetic Vape Pens and cartridges or traditional Glass cartridges that work with any 510 style threading battery. They also offer their cartridges in Mint Essence flavor, using cannabis materials to infuse light flavoring into their oil products.

Lab Testing:

Strainz prioritizes offering nothing but the purest and most consistent cannabis products to their clientele, and as such employs strict quality control measures to ensure they meet their high standards. Their cultivation and processing partners all submit their products for stringent testing, in full compliance with their respective state regulations.


Available in Colorado, Nevada, and Washington, Strainz high-quality cannabis products are sold through licensed dispensaries distributed throughout the states. Peak, High Level Health, Denver Kush Club and Rocky Road in Denver and Elements in Boulder, Colorado carry Strainz product, along with dozens of dispensaries in Washington including Bud Hut, New Vansterdam, and Higher Leaf. Mynt Cannabis dispensary in Nevada will also carry Strainz products lines (opens Feb 24 2017) and the company continues to expand its distribution footprint in multiple states.

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