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“Our Goal Is To Be A Global Leader In Consumer Safe and Sustainable Cannabis Production”

Our mission at Sticky Budz™ is to transform our love and knowledge of the cannabis plant into a sustainable, globally recognized cannabis enterprise. Our passion for cannabis has yielded us a Dope Cup win, a devoted fan base, and a thriving business with over 40 employees.

Our continuing growth is bolstered by a consuming need to cultivate sustainable and consumer safe cannabis of exceptional quality on a large commercial scale and provide it to consumers at a modest price.

The humble introduction of our company into the cannabis industry began in 2010 with a medical collective called Green Budz™. Providing medical grade cannabis products to the local community, Green Budz™ was the sole operating medical storefront in surrounding area.

Subsequent changes in laws and regulations prompted the establishment of Sticky Budz™ in 2014 when we became one of the first recreational cannabis producer/processors in the state.

Based in the Yakima Valley, the agricultural heart of Washington, we utilize our area's 200+ days of sunshine to efficiently fuel our Sun grown crop.

Our Greenhouse employs a hybrid lighting system, adapted to allow our cannabis to utilize full spectrum lighting and the abundant sunshine our Valley offers, resulting in a heavy terpene constituency and tightly bundled buds.

Our indoor cannabis gardens call upon the ambitious growing technique known as aeroponics. This method of growing allows us to use less water, grow faster and increase yields while providing a highly resinous and potent cannabis product.

All of our growing practices are focused on consumer and ecological safety, sustainability, as well as, wastewater and carbon footprint reduction. We pride ourselves upon a strict adherence to the standards and practices outlined in the Global G.A.P.

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