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"Clean, Quality, Reliable"

StackN Trees is proud to present you with the highest quality cannabis can offer. Established in 2018, StackN Trees is hitting the market with a BANG, providing premium products that will satisfy any consumer's desires. StackN Trees objective is to help bring a safe and reliable way to enjoy the amazing experience StackN Trees has to offer.


StackN Trees mission is to bring the community great affordable products that everyone can rely on to tend their individual needs.   



Our handcrafted edibles masks the potient taste of cannabis with their delicious candy, please beware these will get you stoned before you know it!  


Stackn Trees Cartridges are made with the cleanest oil available on the market. It is made with CAT 3 oil testing at %90 THC . Whether you're looking for a euphoric or sedative feeling, Our cartridges come in many great tasting flavors in Indica/Hybrid/Sativa that you'll be extremely satisfied with. 


StackN Trees Shatter is made from indoor flower / popcorn nugs. All of our shatter is made with a closed loop system that will leave a great taste while also being clean. 


StackN Trees Hash is made with high quality organic kief. We make sure to use the best buds to sift to ensure our kief comes out with high potency and is never dry. 

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