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Take a sip. It was only a matter of time before cannabis and coffee would cross paths in the San Francisco Bay Area. Somatik has kickstarted the trend with organic infused Cold Crew that’ll be hard to beat for years to come.   True to the Bay Area spirit, Somatik implements a holistic approach to its product. Healing and connecting the mind and body is priority one at Somatik. By infusing expertly crafted organic coffee with clean, lab-tested hash oil, the Somatik team has engineered a gorgeous flagship beverage to emulate its holistic mission.     History The Somatik story starts with CEO Christopher Schroeder, who came out of his time at the Gateway Incubator — a cannabis industry accelerator and seed stage fund — with the tools and talent to start a genuinely innovative, dynamic canna-business.   When Schroeder set out to create an edible that would be welcoming for both new and veteran users, he quickly landed on coffee. He then partnered with Ritual Coffee, his favorite San Francisco coffee company of over a decade, to make a high-quality organic cold brew with therapeutic doses of cannabis and caffeine.   Products Somatik’s signature product is undoubtedly the medical cannabis-infused cold brew coffee. Somatik Cold Brew comes in a brown glass bottle to block UV light and preserve cannabinoids. With 15 mg of THC in an  eight fluid ounce (8 fl oz), or 236.59 mL, bottle, Somatik Cold Brew makes for an optimal microdosing edible, and the Ritual Coffee taste only adds to its enlightening body/mind synergy.   For a quick, mild buzz on the go, Somatik also offers a four fluid ounce (4 fl oz) Cold Brew Coffee Shot with 10mg of THC. Other tasty products in the Somatik line include Vegan Chocolate Coffee Beans, with 75mg of THC in each 1.5 oz (42.52 g) bag;  and Vegan Chocolate Goji Berries, with 60mg of THC and 30 mg of CBD in each 1.16 oz (32.89 mg) bag.   Lab Testing Somatik has all of its products lab tested for microbial, residuals, pesticides, and potency.

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Photo of danreyes-760

That was a brilliant idea to combine such great energetics and stress relievers in one bottle! I am a huge coffee amateur and can't live without a cup every now and then. So when I heard of this start up I was amazed and was looking forward to try it. As soon as it became available in my place I grabbed it and tasted and once! And it is cool! I've known of Ritual Coffee - it is one of the most advanced coffee roasters - but they took a step further! In fact the taste of the coffee remained as cool as it used to be (if you like you coffee cool, of course), I didn't notice cannabis taste at all! It tasted more of chocolate and had a note of ripe cherry. Really delicious! It comes in glass bottles to keep cannabis oils protected from UV light, it should be kept in a fridge. I usually pour some amount into my morning coffee, or simply take it with me. It looks like ordinary coffee, I am free to drink it whenever the working stress becomes overwhelming.

Photo of Hector G

I could hardly imagine the cannabis coffee and left hours searching and googling the information about it before buying. I got my hands on Somatik award winning Cold Brew. The craftsmanship and care in the roasting process absolutely comes through—as does their expertise in marijuana-infusion. This one knocked me flat on my ass. With some 15mg of THC to suck down with my coffee, the effects couldn’t have been mistaken for anything else. I was fuzzy, sleepy, giggly, but alert. Good job, guys. You’re my go-to weed source now.

Photo of hicks-krysta

I have a habit to drink aroma coffee in the morning. I love the aroma and it makes me awaken from 2-3 hours of sleep. This is my only one simulator. Recently it turned out that I have deep depression and insomnia because I work 3 different work, always have problems with money... Sometimes my morning coffee is the only one thing which makes me happy in the morning. I started to have problems with my nerves. I became crazy shouty at anyone. I have less sleep and even coffee stopped to feel me happy. One day my friend Jack recommended me to check Somatik. I went to Google to see what is this brand for? As I saw I was very skeptical. I thought that all these mixture drive me crazy. Besides it was very expensive for me to buy one infused coffee. I have to pay for a lot of another things...But I would like to try it for sure. One day I took a decision Gateway Incubator just for curiosity. I didn't plan to buy anything. That day I met with the owner of shop Chris. He suggested me a small bottle for a try. It was very tasty and aroma. I like Ritual coffee. Some weed was added there besides. But I didn't feel anything. I just was excited and very happy that day. That day my boss suggested me a raise. All came to better. Well I started to earn more. I can afford to buy some Cold Brew Coffee. Cold Brew coffee with a small level of THC is the perfect doping for me in the morning. If you still don't try it, just go to your shop and ask for it!