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ABOUT US:WE LIVE CANNABIS  //We live, love, and believe in cannabis. Smokey Point is proud to work with top level producers in the industry; growers who care far more for their plants than money, people willing to break a sweat and put in the work to achieve their goals. For years we have been quietly grinding, digging in the dirt, honing our craft, and realizing our true purpose; to gather a group of good humans for a good cause. To connect people and plant, embrace individuality, promote freedom, and inspire passion in whatever you do. JOIN US. INVESTING IN PEOPLE  //Smokey Point brand cannabis is produced in top of the line facilities, with incredible standards for cleanliness and a cultural work environment that's hard to beat. We ensure that all of our employees are well taken care of: EVERY employee gets full time hours, EVERY employee is paid above industry standards, EVERY employee receives medical benefits, and EVERY employee's benefits are 100% paid for by the company. We're investing in good people, and we're willing to put in the work to build something larger than just a business. COMMUNITY  //Smokey Point is proudly headquartered in Arlington WA, a town with deep roots in hard work and a strong sense of community. We believe that the best communities are built on humble pride, creative freedom, open communication, and unwavering support. We take pride in everything we do, we adopt sections of highway, we partner with local non-profits, we encourage creativity, and we support our people in whatever their passion may be. We've seen the positive results this can bring, and aim to set a leading example in our community and in our industry.OUR PRODUCTS:PREMIUM FLOWERHAND WATERED, HAND TRIMMED, & HAND PACKAGED. The plants are our passion, and the indoor facilities that produce Smokey Point brand Flower are some of the most advanced and efficient in the country. Instead of just automating everything, we've invested in the infrastructure around the plants to leave time for what's really important: hands on, individual attention. DABS & VAPESmokey Point brand extracts are created in an industry leading laboratory using premium indoor flower. The fresh, top quality bud and refined extraction methods lead to beautiful, terpene filled dabs and smooth, flavorful vape products!

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