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“Quality, quantity, consistency.”


Seven Leaves is your source for premium cannabis flowers grown and harvested in the fertile soils of Sacramento, California. Each member of the Seven Leaves team has dedicated their careers to yielding consistent harvests with maximum quality control and responsible cultivation practices. Seven Leaves flowers exude immense bud appeal; raised to their maximum genetic potential Seven Leaves buds deliver the most flavor and potency with every hit.


The Seven Leaves team has a huge heart for the medical cannabis community, and has contributed the the community as a proud sponsor of Sacramento’s Walk for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). The recreational cannabis community means a lot to Seven Leaves as well, and every team member strives to provide flowers that reflect the values of all cannabis advocates through transparency and authenticity. Building relationships is Seven Leaves’ foremost mission. Their team’s years of experience in cultivation rendered them talented master growers, and now they focus their efforts to be a positive force for the community as well.



The team planted their Northern Californian roots in 2008, and together embarked on their first run of cannabis cultivation. For almost a decade, the team members perfected their methods, absorbing the knowledge the plant provides with every growth cycle. As marijuana supporters, it was important the team made moves that propel the cannabis industry into legitimacy. Every step of the way they practiced compliance, even going above and beyond with lab testing before it was required. In 2016, the team launched their brand, Seven Leaves, providing a name to the incredible products they’d dedicated their lives to producing.



Seven Leaves flowers begin from mother plants cultivated from seed by their master growers. Seven Leaves growers take their cuts and plant them in their indoor cannabis garden for optimal quality control. They  personally see to every input the plant experiences, ensuring every strain is nurtured according to her needs. They never use pesticides or plant growth regulators; every beautiful bud is the result of all-natural elements. Once the clones mature into heady buds, those nuggets are harvested and cured with care preserving every strain's sticky, resinous trichomes. From there, the team sends their flowers to be lab tested, guaranteeing only pure and safe cannabis makes it to market. On average, Seven Leaves yields a harvest every 14 days, making them a reliable source for premium quality flowers for dispensaries and their customers.



Seven Leaves offers a selection of high potency cannabis strains with mouthwatering terpene profiles. Island Tangie flowers are a special breed from the Tangie strain that delivers high-flying euphoria and bright citrus notes with every toke. Seven Leaves also offers Grease Monkey flowers, a Hybrid that hails from crossing two favorite parent strains Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies and Cream. Tokes of these buds rouse sweet earthy flavors and a full-body buzz. No matter the variation, every Seven Leaves bud provides safe and effective highs alongside the plant's unique flavor profile.


Lab Testing

Seven Leaves cultivates pure, potent, and flavorful flowers -- and have the lab tests to prove it. The Seven Leaves team sends every new batch of flowers to Sequoia Analytical Labs for mold, mildew, pesticide, terpene, and cannabinoid content testing.

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