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Satori Chocolates crafts high-quality, decadently potent cannabis chocolates. Infused and crafted with the highest quality ingredients and safely extracted cannabis oil, Satori Chocolates specializes in decadent treats that both medicate and satisfy the sweet tooth. Spread across California dispensaries up and down the coast, cannabis newbies and connoisseurs alike can delight in Satori Chocolates’ rich, decadent treats.

Satori begins crafting their edibles by using premium marijuana strains grown outdoors in California sunlight. They then extract their cannabis oil in collaboration with AbsoluteXtracts, using the highest standards of production. Satori Chocolates crafts their chocolate by sourcing Cacao fino de aroma, highly sought after and coveted by master chocolatiers. Their coffee beans are sustainably sourced from Sebastopol, California, and all other ingredients such as almonds, berries, caramels and more are ordered from the highest quality providers.

Satori Chocolates craft their bars into 90mg servings of THC, making each piece perfect for managing cannabis dosings. Both dark chocolate and milk chocolate use all-organic ingredients, and are ready to delight fans of either flavor. Alternatively, Satori Chocolates’ bites come in highbush blueberry, raisin, salted caramel almond and cacao bean, and wild strawberry varieties, coupled with their high-quality cacao. 

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