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 Smoke in luxury.


RocWoods’ premium cannabis prerolls elevate your medical experience to unprecedented levels of luxury. Their high-class joints take everything beloved about rare Backwoods cigars and infuse them with cannabis flower and medical grade wax of the most decadent quality. RocWoods paves the way for a classier cannabis experience and promotes the idea that simply because marijuana is medicine doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed. Merging art with healing, RocWoods empowers their patients to embrace an improved quality of life paired with luxurious experiences.



The founder of RocWoods is proud to “roc” the cannabis industry with a premium medicinal experience. Starting as a caregiver in 2008, he worked at dispensaries, commercial grows, and extraction centers to develop an expansive resume of marijuana expertise. He loved smoking backwoods, and in 2016 had the radical idea to combine the decadent experience of a backwood cigar with the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. Determined, the founder searched throughout Michigan to find the finest growers and extractors and labored intensely to perfect their ratios, rolling methods, and (of course) suppliers of rare, international Backwoods. The stars aligned, and RocWoods arrived on the cannabis scene in June 2017, rocking Michigan’s Cannabis Cups and garnering fabulous reviews statewide.



The three levels of RocWoods offer a premium experience to suit every budget and medicinal need. To start, every preroll is stuffed 1.5 grams of premium cannabis flower and 0.2 grams of medical-end wax. The joints than are sealed with their proprietary wax-infused blunt glue, so no hands ever touch their cannabis. Depending on the version, each pre-roll is tipped either with a reusable glass filter, a raw hemp-paper filter, or a Shine 24 karat gold paper for their Rare line. RocWoods sources their Backwoods from excellent sources across the world, from Russia to France and far beyond.



RocWoods collaborates with Tru Fam Farms and other top growers and extractors in Michigan to fill their prerolls with the finest quality of cannabis. Their Classic Rocwood comes in honey bourbon, rum, vanilla, and a wide variety of other flavors, all stuffed with Cookies flower. They spare no expenses with their Rare RocWoods, complete with golden tips and chart-topping percentages of THC wrapped in every joint.


The RocWoods family fully believes in their product. They fully back every one of their Backwoods with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a patient is dissatisfied with their pre-roll, they can take it to any authorized retailer or shop to evenly exchange the product, as long as they have both the original packaging and defective product in hand. RocWoods only asks that they fill out a small survey which will allow them to improve upon and fix any problems.


Lab Testing:

RocWoods understands quality as a necessity of life, and proudly lab tests their pre-rolls with PSI Labs in Michigan. Their cannabis undergoes testing for potency, pesticides and other contaminants, while all of their source materials undergo similar testing standards to ensure excellence at every stage of their processes.

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