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When you’re serious about medicine, a ‘high’ is often an unwanted side effect. At Pure Green we take pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and turn it into safe, effective and predictable relief by delivering precise micro-doses of CBD, THC and Terpenes through dissolving tablets you hold under your tongue. 


Pure Green is medicine that’s designed to make a difference in the quality of your life with relief that you don’t smoke, vape or even digest. Our breakthrough process converts cannabis (naturally oil-based) into a water-soluble form patients can safely and reliably use every day.  Our mint-flavored tablets melt under your tongue and deliver fast, safe relief. Never impacting the lungs or the digestive system with drug delivery.


Pure Green is a team of chemists, engineers, patients, and quality assurance experts all dedicated to changing peoples' lives through access to pharmaceutically precise, targeted, and effective medical cannabis.  We manufacture Pure Calm – the premier cannabis anxiety medicine that’s helping tens of thousands; Pure CBD – cannabis-derived pharma-grade CBD for daily-use to manage inflammation and chronic pain; Pure Relief for strong as-needed serious pain relief; Pure Sleep – for non-canna users who want help falling sleep; and Pure Bliss –extra-strength specialized cannabis medicine for falling and staying asleep - as an alternative to smoking or vaping daily.     


Pure Green is also the inventor of Parachute – the remedy to getting too high!   Crunch two tablet and let dissolve under your tongue and Parachute brings you down safe and sound starting in five minutes.   Never let too much of a good thing ruin a good time for you or a friend. Parachute is the responsible remedy every cannabis consumer should have in their kit.


This is Cannabis as Medicine.  

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