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For pure wellness, choose PurPharms.


PurPharms, pronounced: Pure Farms, offers edibles, tinctures, topicals, and e-juices crafted with the purest ingredients and the most attention to detail. Thanks to PurPharms, patients can reap the benefits of holistic medicine without smoking, or the experience of a heavy head change. Their line of products delivers CBD and THC formulations that give patients complete control over their dosage and level of intoxication.


PurPharms invites you to take charge of your wellness with their responsibly sourced, lab tested CBD and THC products.



PurPharms is founded by a team of long-standing cannabis advocates, some with over two decades of experience in cultivation. One of PurPharms’ co-founders worked at a medical cannabis dispensary where he encountered every kind of medical patient. He noticed a lack of smoke-free and CBD products, and next to none were developed with the needs of veteran and senior patients in mind.


So the team got to work on creating CBD-based, smoke-free products. PurPharms products underwent rigorous amounts of testing, and the team toiled to find the perfect median between medicinal and intoxicating effects. Finally, PurPharms’ products were ready to be unveiled and the brand launched in Spring 2017.




PurProcess, PurProducts.


The team starts with the finest hemp and cannabis flowers, sourced from reputable, lab tested gardens that employ safe and professional cultivation practices. Then, the magic begins. PurPharms’ extraction artists isolate the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes with supercritical CO2 extraction. From there, that active oil is infused into their all natural formulations, rendering products that deliver effective relief.




Options for all walks of life.


PurPharms’ edibles include delicious Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Cookies in two sizes and formulations. Patients can choose between a three or five pack of PurPharms cookies and pick their choice of dosage: 5mg of CBD or a 1:1 mixture with 5mg of CBD and THC.


Nourish your skin with PurPharm’s CBD lotion. Their lotions include cold-pressed grapeseed, hemp, sweet almond, and sunflower oil infused with active CBD or CBD and THC.


Drip your way to relief with a PurPharms tincture. They offer a 10:1 formulation with your choice of 300 mg CBD with 30 mg THC or a tincture consisting of 500 mg CBD with 50 mg THC. These tinctures deliver a mild head-change and provide the most relief when dropped and held under the tongue.


Whether your fancy is puffing on mods or vape batteries PurPharms has the cartridges and e-juices for you. PurPharms CBD Prefilled Cartridges contain 50 mg of cannabidiol and attaches to any 510 thread vape battery. Grace your coils with the wellness of hemp and cannabis with their CBD/THC 1:1 E-Juice or CBD E-Juice. PurPharms E-Juices are infused with high-quality, food grade terpenes to deliver the entourage of health benefits from strain specific properties.


Lab Testing

PurPharms is pleased to offer products that are lab tested for cannabinoids, residual solvents, and microbials.

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