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Our Story

At Proof, we aim to make cannabis products more accessible and affordable. We first started making our CBD capsules and tinctures for friends, family members, and other members of our medical collective, and saw amazing results. When we went into dispensaries though, it always shocked us to see the expensive prices for CBD. We decided we could do it better, and much more affordably. Proof products offer all the same benefits you're accustomed to with clean, healthy, cannabis-derived CBD at a reasonable price.

Our Products

Our line of CBD-Rich Tinctures and Capsules come in 1:1 and 20:1 ratios of CBD to THC. The goal of this product line is to maximize the therapeutic effects of the plant with cannabinoid ratios that work for a variety of consumers. This line uses cannabis-derived extracts to highlight the natural variety of cannabinoids and encourage the “entourage effect.” We recommend users start with a small dosage and increase based on their own needs and desires.

20:1 Capsules/Tinctures

Very low THC content means little-to-no psychoactive effects.

1:1 Capsules/Tinctures

Recommended dosage 1 capsule or ½-1 dropperful.

Even balance of cannabinoids for a more potent and calming effect.

Our new THC-Rich Tincture is a high-potency, psychoactive tincture for patients and consumers looking for more bang for their buck. This tincture is not for beginners!

We recommend this tincture for long-time patients who are seeking a cost-effective way to get the high-THC dosage they need and experienced cannabis users who are seeking an affordable and discrete way to get to elevate their day.

Recommended dosage: Few drops to ½ dropperful

Our Process

We source our cannabis material from farmers that we know and who we trust to produce only the highest quality cannabis. We then process that cannabis material in-house through ethanol extraction, and eventually distillation, to provide high potency, cannabinoid-centric oils that are used in all our products. 

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