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“Flourishing Together”

Prism Farms presents CBD prerolls for every aspect of your life.By exuding excellence and unparalleled quality in every drag, Prism Farms empower your body and mind with prerolls crafted with Clean Green Certified flowers. Prism Farms passion and dedication to premium CBD marijuana prerolls are driven by the plant's ability to heal, inspire, and bring people together. From testing to packaging, Prism Farms presents the best in CBD prerolls, supplying the cannabis community with pure flowers and smooth tokes. Each PF preroll have CBD flowers, allowing patients to select the blend that complements their needs. Whether time to Create or Unwind, Prism Farms’ CBD prerolls provides support for your life, empowering all to flourish together.



Prism Farms crystallizes the entrepreneurial spirit of the marijuana industry; providing the utmost quality-control in sophisticated, ecological packaging from a true start-up brand. Prism Farms is female owned, and her unwavering dedication to providing quality cannabis is just one of the many ways that Prism Farms stand out among the rest.

The founder began with rolling CBD prerolls for herself when it had occurred to her, “Where are all of the good CBD prerolls?” and on May of 2016, it would seem that there weren’t any. The lack of presence of CBD prerolls propelled her to get to work on developing the best Cannabidiol joint on the market. She went into a period of research and development, trying and testing every preroll she could get her hands on, analyzing how to improve upon the basic joint's cannabis consumers have grown accustomed to smoking. The result: a CBD preroll that is easy to smoke, smooth on inhale and eliciting phenomenal, well-balanced effects.

The story doesn’t stop there, in fact, it just began. The founder was overjoyed to get PF into dispensaries in November of 2016. Since then she’s set her sights on developing more marijuana products for wellness, crafting new blends of prerolls and looking into unique and innovative ways of integrating natural wellness.



Ecological responsibility is a priority of Prism Farms, from their cultivation practices to their packaging. PF is proud to offer prerolls that adhere to the Berkeley Standard, [insert what the Berkeley Standard is], ensuring their dedication to sustainability. PF is pleased to be the first in tracking and tracing, applying unique identifiers on their packaging so patients and customers can know exactly what is going into their body. Prism Farms prerolls are made from whole-flowers and come from a combination of indoor and outdoor premium grows, cared for by master cultivators in quality-controlled conditions.



Prism Farms have formulated a blend of three pre-rolls for addressing life’s major themes, Flourish, Create, and Unwind. Their prerolls sustain a smooth, clean smoke with an even burn, and the extra long crutch rolled into every preroll makes the puff-puff-pass process a breeze.

Flourish is Prism Farms original preroll, a pure CBD blend of restorative, non-psychoactive flowers. Flourish prerolls make it possible for patients to gain the medical benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects one would normally experience when smoking.

Create is a CBD and THC preroll, featuring Sativa flowers. Create pairs the energizing and cerebral qualities of Sativa flowers with the health and wellness of Cannabidiol. Ideal for daytime use, Create offers an even balance of mind and body.

Unwind brings peace and calm to your body and mind one drag at a time. Crafted from a blend of CBD and THC flowers, this preroll is designed to make your body happy. Unwind exhibits the peace and serenity that comes from combining soothing Indica effects with the wholesomeness of CBD.


Lab Testing

Prism Farms is pleased to offer safe, premium quality, CBD prerolls that are tested and analyzed by SC Labs. Pesticide testing is conducted before processing, and SC Labs provides results for potency, safeguarding the purity and effectiveness of Prism Farms CBD prerolls. Their flowers are from Clean Green Certified grows, and PF display their lab test results on each of their packaging.


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