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Oleum Extracts boldly goes where no concentrate has gone before. With a passion for revolutionizing the spirit and culture of cannabis, Oleum Extracts crafts cutting-edge concentrates sourced from the best Washington producers. Their full line of marijuana extracts is made for young and old, wealthy and poor, available at different price points to satisfy every palate and budget. Oleum Extracts elicits feelings of safety with their quality-controlled lab testing results, happiness that consumers are sampling a top quality concentrate, and “high”-ness, thanks to the radical potency and terpene richness of their extracts.


The Oleum brand began with Graham Jennings and Aaron Palmer back during Washington’s medical marijuana scene in 2014. The owners ran a medical collective in the heart of Seattle for many years, and Oleum was their in-house line of concentrates that quickly caught on with consumers. Oleum Extract’s founders got into the cannabis industry first and foremost to meet the needs of their collective’s medical patients, and working with marijuana was their passion much more than a paycheck. Once Washington converted to the recreational market, Oleum transitioned to set the industry standard for quality, consistency, potency, flavor, and innovation. Growing from their early days navigating the newest regulations, Oleum Extracts has expanded ten times within a year, with more than twenty employees and multiple extracting facilities to continue crafting their excellent cannabis products.


Oleum Extracts specializes in hydrocarbon extractions, in addition to ethanol-based processing. Sourcing their flower from other top cannabis producers in the state, in addition to their small in-house R&D grow team, allows Oleum to offer a continual variety of concentrates to partners and consumers. Their advanced extraction methods enable them to create products that only a handful of processors in the nation can create, and their entire product line boasts natural cannabis extracts with no additives (non-native terpenes/PG/VG, etc.)


Consumers across the concentrate board are delighted by Oleum Extracts’ whole product line. Specializing in Sugar Resin, Honey Crystal, distillates, isolates (such as THCa and CBD) and vape cartridges, Oleum Extracts offers a concentrate to satisfy any cannabis connoisseur. Their latest good, Honey Crystal, touts a high potency, clean and flavorful terpene profiles, a smooth inhale, excellent texture, and is visually easy on the eyes.

Lab Testing:

In full compliance with Washington cannabis regulations, Oleum Extracts tests all of their concentrates, working mostly with local laboratory Analytical 360. They test for full-spectrum coverage with every product batch, testing for potency, residual solvents, microbials, and terpenes to empower their clients to make the best-informed decisions when it comes to their products.


Cannabis connoisseurs can find Oleum Extract’s products in 110 locations across Washington state, readily available in Bellingham, Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Olympia, Belfair, Port Angeles, Walla Walla, Spokane and dozens of more regions. With plenty of storefront representation, Oleum Extract’s makes it simple for customers to find their concentrates in their favorite recreational store.

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