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Our Mission:

Odo Oil - Spokane, Washington’s World-Class CO2 Concentrates


With Odo Oil, Washington finally has a cannabis brand dedicated to providing the highest quality concentrates to the cannabis community. Utilizing cutting edge CO2 extraction techniques, Odo Oil provides pure and clean oils and cartridges for new patients and savvy concentrate connoisseurs alike. By applying an artist’s creative approach with a scientist’s innovative touch, Odo Oil has created concentrates that are guaranteed to be the “softest dab” you’ve ever had.


TThe founder of Odo Oil came from a family with medical roots in the Washington community. Through years of working and communicating with patients throughout Washington, he realized that cannabis oils weren’t being utilized as proper medicine, and when they were, the product was being made at subpar standards. Knowing full well the importance of providing pure and clean medicine to patients suffering from all sorts of ailments, he knew he could do better. In 2016 he created Odo Oil and introduced their products to the medical and cannabis community. Striving to make concentrates completely free of solvents, the Odo Oil team is proud to provide concentrates patients can put into their bodies without having the risk of consuming contaminates or impurities when they medicate. As they began to work with more medical marijuana dispensaries and develop new products, Odo Oil has had the pleasure of advancing the Washington cannabis community to its fullest potential.


Using a proprietary CO2 extraction method unlike any other, Odo Oil is able to innovatively retain every single terpene naturally found in the cannabis plant without introducing solvents to the process. Determined not to compromise the integrity of the marijuana plant, Odo Oil products are 100% solventless and genuine to the strain it derives from originally.


Specializing in oil concentrates, Odo Oil prides themselves on providing helping patients get the medicine their after, no matter the form. Coming in both cartridges and oils, Odo Oil’s CO2 Honey Oil, CO2 Nectar, and Flavor Nectar are made using their 100% solvent free proprietary system. The CO2 Nectar keeps the terpenes and delicious flavors from the original plant, making it one of the most savory and soft dabs you can lay your lips on.

Lab Testing:

Transparency is the name of the game when it comes to Odo Oil’s commitment to providing the cleanest cannabis medicine. Testing with Trace Analytics, the first 502 laboratory in the entire state of Washington, Odo Oil tests cannabis flower for pesticides before extraction. Once they have extracted they test products again for potency, full microbial assessment, and residual solvents. They proudly provide lab results to every single dispensary carrying Odo Oil products.


Odo Oil is honored to work with the cannabis and medical community in Washington. They’ve partnered with local growers Green Zone in Yakima, Washington for their whole plant flower. Odo Oil products can be found in several prominent dispensaries, including Satori, Smokane, and Lucky Leaf in Spokane, 420 Carpenter and 420 West in Olympia, White Rabbit in Lynnwood, and many other clinics throughout the state of Washington.

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