Photo of Natty Rems

Natty Rems

Natty Rems has been family owned and operated since being established in 2009. We strive to provide the most sought-after, boutique grade cannabis products, utilizing only the highest quality genetics, ingredients and care.

The propagation of our plants involves extensive planning and attention to detail. Our genetic library is extensive and represents the full spectrum of cannabis varieties that could possibly be grown. Our trained team of cultivators care for each individual plant by hand from the time a seed pops or a clone is cut to the time it harvests. Our methods have been established through years of research, hard work and trial and error. We’ve developed a system that has proven to produce the finest cannabis in the state of Colorado.

Concentrate Remedies has its roots in the same focus on quality, as its sister company Natty Rems. Working alongside Natty Rems to create premier concentrate processed entirely in-house is our specialty! However, we think of collaborating with other cultivators as a phenomenal opportunity to create something that is truly one of a kind. At Concentrate Remedies, our primary objective is to capture what nature has itself already created in cannabis, by concentrating on natural one-pass extractions which extract all of the terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids as they originally existed.