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Mountain High Suckers rises above the rest for one reason: they keep things simple. Producing handmade suckers and lozenges for nearly ten years, Mountain High Suckers boldly experiments with flavors and continually strives to stay ahead of the infused hard candy competition. Mountain High Suckers’ years of consistent genetics, precise dosages, and lab tested excellence offers patients and recreational consumers alike a scrumptiously powerful cannabis experience without fail.


Founded in 2009, the caregivers and growers behind Mountain High Suckers began crafting cannabis-infused suckers out of their home and selling them to medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. The candies were a hit, and as they found more and more success, Mountain High Suckers began to grow with the emerging Colorado cannabis industry steadily. They adapted as new regulations were introduced, pioneered the CBD market before anyone else, and expanded to larger facilities and experimented with new flavors all while staying true to their core mission of helping people. Today, Mountain High Suckers celebrates nearly ten years of excellence with many celebrity-inspired hard candy lines, dozens of infused cannabis flavors, and distribution across Colorado and soon both the United States and the world.


As Mountain High Suckers started out serving medical patients, consistent and potent dosing is always of utmost importance. They begin with their in-house cultivated cannabis, growing in perfectly controlled quality conditions to yield the ideal source material. They utilize whole-plant ethanol extraction, utterly purging their content of residual solvents and employing the entirety of the plant's medicinal benefits and cannabinoids in their candies. Mountain High Suckers then evenly distributes the cannabis concentrate evenly across the candy, creating equal servings across the board on which users can rely. The final product is delicious, reliably potent and affordable hard candies offering consistent excellence with every taste.


Mountain High Suckers produces a variety of flavors, cannabinoid ratios, and potencies of lozenges and suckers. Starting with their Crazy Kush cannabis flower as a source, they craft their flavors ranging from Caramel Apple to Watermelon. With a ratio of THC: CBD of 3:1, Mountain High Suckers offer medicinal benefits in addition to their recreational value. Their simple processes allow Mountain High Suckers to keep their prices low and accessible, passing on as many savings as possible to their valued customers.

Lab Testing:

Mountain High Suckers has tested every batch of hash oil they’ve made since 2010 before Colorado’s regulations demanded it. Working with Agricor, they check for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents to ensure the strength and purity of their hard candies.


Patients and recreational users can find Mountain High Suckers across Colorado, as well as in Las Vegas, where they rank as one of the city’s top-selling edibles. 

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