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“Naturally pure & carefully crafted cannabis products.”


Mota Cannabis Products offers a vast range of medical marijuana options including edibles, tinctures, flowers, concentrates, and topicals. Mota is easy to spot, their fun and sleek skull logo and packaging stand out on the shelf, making it a breeze to find at dispensaries. However, Mota Cannabis Products provide more than just display quality; their products exude excellence from the packaging to the contents inside. The Mota team is committed to maintaining a diverse menu to meet the varying needs of medical marijuana patients throughout Canada.



Mota Cannabis Products was founded in 2012 and since evolved greatly through experience, knowledge, and year-after-year dedication. Mota began with a group of people who made cannabis products for friends and family in need of an alternative treatment. They saw hemp and cannabis as a key to alleviating many ailments people face today, both physical and mental. The Mota team also supports the recreational use of marijuana as a healthier social alternative to alcohol.


It was clear the community needed access to a safer alternative, and the Mota team longed to provide one for more than just their circle of friends and loved ones. They set out to establish Mota Cannabis Products and began by working closely with patients, carefully selecting strains, and refining their techniques. They quickly developed a reputation on the island as producers of some of the finest cannabis-infused products. What started as a small group of friends who made marijuana products for loved ones in need blossomed into a brand with award-winning products and widespread patient recognition.



Mota Cannabis Products begin with premium flowers sourced from local cannabis farms that utilize organic cultivation techniques. Then those high-quality buds are processed by Mota’s extraction artists using ethanol, rendering cannabis oils with high potency and purity. All Mota products with THC are infused with Phoenix Tears or THC Distillate, and their CBD based products are formulated with cannabidiol isolate and cannabidiol oil.



Prepare to meet an all-star cast of cannabis products, Mota has five award-winning products from the 2017 High Times Cup. Mota Black Cube is a chocolate bar that packs 600 mg of THC and took first place for edibles with Mota’s cotton candy trailing behind, earning a silver medal in the edibles category. Green Balm won bronze for topicals, as well as Mota White CBD Clear Sphere in CBD edibles.

Medals and awards aside, the cannabis community has also given Mota Cannabis Products their seal of approval. Mota Medicated Gummies are hard to keep on the shelf, a fan favorite flavor being their cola bottles. Mota Cannabis Products encompass more than just edibles, patients have smokable options including their prerolls and Hailey’s Comet 1:1 Oil.

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