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Minnesota Medical Solutions is a Minneapolis Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed) redefines the medical cannabis industry by introducing strains to science while promoting the “Go Low. Start Slow” approach to help Minneapolis patients discover their correct dosage. Founded in 2012, Minnesota Medical Solutions is one of the two licensed medical cannabis manufacturers in the state of Minnesota. It is their mission to provide Minneapolis marijuana patients with safe and natural medical cannabis while practicing safe and efficient greenhouse procedures to conserve water and energy.


MinnMed uses the natural approaches from their hydroponic models that test every single input that goes into the plants. They exclusively use carbon dioxide and food grade alcohol to naturally separate individual components of plants, allowing them to make the purest medications consisting of one cannabinoid or several ratios of cannabinoids. Using this process, Minneapolis patients can rest assured knowing what cannabinoids are formulated in their medicine and its effects. Minnesota Medical Solution is dedicated to concocting the perfect cannabis prescription to help patients experience symptomatic relief. They pride themselves on their unique personalized prescriptions that eliminating the hassle of experimenting with multiple medications and experiencing side effects.



Minnesota Medical Solutions is led by a team of physicians that treats Minneapolis marijuana patients diagnosed with Cancer, Intractable Pains, Tourette’s, ALS, Crohn’s, MS, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, and HIV/AIDS. Their team of scientists is composed of plant scientists, geneticists, and chemists who are responsible for formulating prescriptions using their on-site lab. The MinnMed team offers private consultations and is available anytime for questions.



Minnesota Medical Solutions offers a variety of cannabis-infused menu options that can be tailored to alleviate discomfort from specific ailments. Marijuana patients can select their product by identifying the color corresponding with the formula, then select the preferred way the want to medicate. The MinnMed Black product line is a THC Dominant cannabis formula available in an oil syringe and capsules. Minneapolis cannabis patients who prefer a balance of CBD and THC can choose from tinctures, vape cartridges, and capsules from the Green and Yellow product lines. MinnMed has also developed a Violet and Indigo CBD dominant formula to cater to marijuana patients searching for non-psychoactive cannabinoid relief.


Service Locations

Minnesota Medical Solutions is located on South 9th Street near Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Avis Car Rental. They provide ample parking for medical marijuana patients residing in the communities surrounding Minneapolis including Golden Valley, Cleveland, Folwell, McKinley, Jordan, Hawthorne, Bottineau, Sheridan, and Lauderdale. Minnesota Medical Solutions also works with patients in Falcon Heights, Como, St. Paul, Cooper, Corcoran, Standish, and Richfield. Minnesota Medical Solutions also has locations in Bloomington, Minneapolis, Moorhead, Rochester.


Location Information


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