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“Made to a higher standard.”

Made proudly offers lab-tested, shelf-ready quality flowers concentrates, edibles, and topicals from their Vancouver Island, British Columbia site. This boutique cannabusiness is made by patients, for patients. Made’s team of experts have personally experienced the benefits of medical cannabis and banded together to deliver consistent and effective products throughout Canada. Their team invites you to experience cannabis at a higher standard, made to promote wellness and increase your quality of life.



The Made team is comprised of long-standing cannabis advocates with decades of experience in the industry. Made’s foundation lies in the medical community. While developing the brand, the founders worked closely with patients to learn what they need and what they are looking for in medical cannabis treatments. Then they got to work, creating a brand to fill in what was missing in the medical cannabis market. Made acquired a team of experts along the way, and each applies their expertise to make Made an extremely comprehensive brand. The team was happy to launch Made By Patients in 2016, rebranding in 2017 and introducing their new line of high-quality products to the cannabis community. Today, Made continues to strive for excellence while never losing sight of who inspired their cannabusiness-- the patients.



With a network of local cultivators throughout Vancouver Island, Made is able to manufacture some of the best quality cannabis products. Their beginning cannabis line is of top-shelf, rare and exotic strains to deliver a unique smoke experience through flowers bursting with terpene-driven  aromatics that would make any connoisseur swoon.



Made supplies a line of premium Live Resin concentrates in a variety of strains from coveted cultivars to long-time favorites. They offer a wide spectrum of strains, available in a premium  two-gram size gold standard jar. Made is proud of their shelf ready packaging, ensuring quality in every unit produced. This includes a wide variety of oil as well including fan favorites of potent Cherry Oil, Shatter and Isolates.

Shelf ready, shelf ready, shelf ready! Made is proud to offer exotic strain that have been encapsulated to exaggerate the aromatic terpenes that are waiting to be exposed. Accompanied by lab results, its no wonder these products cant stay on the shelf!

Made is pleased to offer smokeless options as well available in THC or CBD. Their line of premium quality edibles provides phenomenal taste and consistent potency every time. Fight pain with magic -- cannabis magic, that is. Made’s Turtle Magic treats are decadent handmade chocolate turtles with  60 mg of active THC each. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, so wait for these delicious treats to kick in before eating another. Begin your voyage to relief with Made’s Sea Salted Caramilk. Each milk-chocolate covered caramel contains 25 mg of THC -- these chocolates are arguably one of the tastiest ways to administer relief. Not crazy about chocolate? Go original! Made’s Original Caramels are soft, chewy, and handmade; perfect to enjoy alone or drop into your favorite cup of coffee for a boost of caramel flavor and 15 mg of THC.


Lab Testing

Every product. Every batch. Every time.

Made is pleased to offer a menu of cannabis that is lab tested with Health Canada certified HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) equipment. Each Made product is tested for potency, purity, and microbials.

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