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About Loudpack

Quality is and always has been our ultimate high.


Loudpack. California’s Finest Flower.

Loudpack flower is everything we stand for. It’s the basis for everything we make and it represents absurd levels of quality. From the way in which it’s grown to the way in which it’s enjoyed, our flower represents California at its finest and sets the bar for the entire cannabis industry.


Our Live Resins

World-class live resins are the foundation of the Loudpack name. They come in the form of sauce, crumble, and shatter and are derived from the highest quality flower grown at our facility. Extraction takes place in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing lab which maintains the highest levels of natural terpenes.


Our Partners

Our Loudpack family of strains is cultivated in partnership with OG cannabis gurus, DNA Genetics and Crocket Family Farms. We partner with the best to deliver the finest, most trusted cannabis in the industry.


Our Facility

Loudpack is a company devoted to creating, cultivating and distributing the highest-quality cannabis on Earth. Our purpose-built growing facility and pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing lab in California is where it all comes to life - from seed to sale, from farm to feeling good.



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