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KIVA - a higher chocolate experience


KIVA Confections have developed an innovative way for people to consume medical cannabis chocolate to enhance, nurture, and improve their lives. Crafted from all natural ingredients and premium-quality medical cannabis, KIVA produces and delivers safe, convenient, and delicious tasting cannabis products to the cannabis community and marijuana industry.


In early 2010, Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich noticed that quality marijuana edibles were not being represented in the marijuana industry for medical cannabis patients. Medicated edibles were untested, unlabeled, and inconsistent in potency, and patients didn’t have consistent and effective edibles they enjoyed eating. Palmer and Knoblich knew they had to help the community, they just didn’t know how until they visited a local chocolatier. That’s when they knew what to do and immediately set to work. After nine months of development, working with authoritative marijuana cultivators, analytic cannabis laboratories, artisan inspired chocolate recipes, and lots of sleepless nights of trial and error, they finally made a better edible. Next, they worked on creating their name. Focusing on the healing benefits of cannabis, they stumbled on the word “kiva,” a sacred chamber often used for spiritual ceremonies and other religious rituals by Native Americans.

KIVA was born.


KIVA Confections was launched and patients immediately began to fall in love with their delicious, potent products. Since their initial launch, KIVA has developed a variety of chocolate edibles that have stocked a wide range of California-based dispensaries. KIVA Confections are a community of over sixty employees all dedicated and committed to efficacy, food safety, and business integrity. With a continually growing and loyal customer base, KIVA Confections continues to provide to the cannabis community.


KIVA Confections provide artisan inspired confections for cannabis patients and consumers. Beginning with their KIVA Bar, a simple, yet delicious milk and dark chocolate edible, then leading to KIVA Minis, KIVA Terra Bites, and Petra Mints, providing a wide variety of flavors and potency options for various medicating needs. Utilizing THC and CBD cannabinoids in many dosing options, patients and consumers can safely and reliably enjoy medicating with delicious edible products.


KIVA Confections has always valued working with patients, dispensaries, and other companies to further the marijuana industry. KIVA Confections launched a pop-up shop to celebrate their six year anniversary in 2016, collaborating with Harborside Health Center in Oakland. They had also won “Best Edible” at both San Francisco and Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cups in 2013.

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