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“What Makes You Happy?” Cannabis inspires a wealth of euphoric and cerebral effects and Khush Kush wants to know, “What makes you happy?” Khush Kush specializes in high-end flowers and concentrates from exotic and extremely rare genetics. With an emphasis on joy, Khush Kush takes the responsibility of creating safe and premium marijuana products to heart. History Khush Kush was founded on a foundation of happiness - it’s in the name! “Khush” spelled with an “h” means happy in Hindi, so pairing “happy” with marijuana seemed like the perfect name for this premium cannabis collective. Eager to learn from the mistakes of trial and error within this new and blossoming industry, Khush Kush began their brand on the right note. Khush Kush was excited to receive their license to be in their new building on April of 2016. Building their grow from the ground up gave Khush Kush the opportunity to design one of the most efficient indoor marijuana grows. Doing everything from seed is not without challenges, but Khush Kush was glad to embark on the task of pheno-hunting. After securing a high-end seed library, the next hurdle for Kush Kush was the unfamiliarity in the cannabis market. However, Washington quickly gravitated to Khush Kush’s quality marijuana products. Their devotion to marijuana shows in their flowers and extractions, and in turn the cannabis community showed their enthusiasm. Today, Khush Kush happily serves the marijuana community of Washington, welcoming anyone 21 and over to discover their happiness. Products Word-of-mouth is very much alive in the Washington cannabis community, and Khush Kush is overjoyed to arrive at local dispensaries with a positive reputation proceeding them. This is because their high-end, boutique cannabis flowers and concentrates are comparable to any top marijuana garden in Washington. Reviewing Khush Kush’s menu is sure to put a smile on your face, with strains such as Wonder Kid, East Coast Sour D, and The White patients have plenty of premium cannabis to enjoy. The cannabis community can’t seem to get enough of their Item 9, Bell-Ringer, Clementine, and Brandywine strains either. But regardless of what strain you go with, Khush Kush is sure to connect the person with their happiness. Process Khush Kush’s passion for marijuana stems from knowing they are cultivating a plant that cultivates happiness. Their growers and extraction artists derive much joy from  their job, and it shows in their marijuana. Kush Kush supplies the purest forms of cannabis, so the marijuana community knows exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Their flowers are cultivated, harvested and cured to perfection, and concentrates processed by the extraction artists of Amberbrick. Their menu is sure to impress any flower child or 710 enthusiast, and it is Khush Kush’s pleasure to bring quality marijuana products to Washington. Lab Testing Khush Kush is proud to bring pure marijuana products of the highest quality, curated with love. Their marijuana is lab tested by Peak Analytics for purity and potency, and Khush Kush is proud to meet all i502 requirements.

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