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Jetty Extracts puts the “refine” in refined, organic cannabis concentrates. Offering clean and cutting-edge methods of enjoying cannabis, Jetty Extracts is a pioneer in the medical marijuana industry, leading the charge to offer 100% pure cannabis oils, concentrates and vape cartridges. Available in dispensaries across California and constantly innovating new products, Jetty Extracts invites the cannabis community to join the vape pen revolution in this quickly evolving industry.


Founded in 2013 in San Diego, Jetty Extracts was inspired by the first few vaporizer cartridge products in the cannabis market. Horribly packaged and often poor quality, they knew they could create a superior product. Jetty Extracts’ founders, with decades of marijuana experience, spent years perfecting their formula and finalizing packaging to raise the standards of vaping products in California. With their first batch of vaporizer cartridges, Jetty Extracts’ success burst out of the gate, impressing and delighting cannabis connoisseurs across the state. Today, they’ve grown their product line and can be found in collectives from Northern California to Southern San Diego. Jetty Extracts never stopped innovating as they’ve developed, and always reinvest their profits back into the industry by supporting the Shelter Project by donating time, profits and marijuana medicine to suffering cancer patients.


Jetty Extracts sets themselves apart with their many stages of refinement, source materials and high standards of product excellence. Working with top-quality cannabis growers, they perfected their extraction methods to offer consumers an entirely pure vaping and dabbing experience. Once extracted from the plant material, each batch is reintroduced with its own terpenes, giving the oil back its own all-natural flavor. These carefully refined processes offer a purer, safer experience, utterly free of any residual solvents, pesticides, unwanted or dangerous materials.


Rotating through their network of growers allows Jetty Extracts to offer the best available cannabis strains on the market. Their flagship Gold oil is filled into glass cartridges with wooden tips made to be paired with the Jetty Extracts Battery, a consumer favorite. Another fan favorite, exclusively from Jetty Extracts, is the Dablicator™ a direct dabbing apparatus with a variety of applications. Most notably, the Dablicator™ makes dabbing top-notch cannabis concentrates a clean, discreet, and effective experience. Ingestible and portable, the Dablicator™ is also a popular alternative to smoking or vaping. Jetty Extracts was one of the first movers in partnership with PAX Era in offering their Gold oil in limited-edition strains for Era Pods.

Lab Testing:

For Jetty Extracts, purity is the priority. Their in-house lab tests corroborate results with third-party examinations, and each package includes batch numbered test results for pesticides, potency, terpene content and residual solvents.


Jetty Extracts distributes statewide to more than 400 physical, licensed dispensaries, including stores in San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, San Francisco, the Bay Area and more. Patients can find their products at Buds and Roses, MedMen, Harborside, Magnolia Oakland, KindPeoples, Urbn Leaf and more. Hundreds of delivery services, including Eaze and Fast and Friendly, have Jetty Extracts products in stock. Jetty Extracts has a hand in edibles as well. In partnership with MindTricks, they supply their cannabis oil as a key ingredient in out-of-this-galaxy, delicious toffee treats. 

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