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If you want to use our 24/7 RECREATIONAL DELIVERY SERVICE CALL 207-619-3560.  INCREDIBLES.ME is our name, and our website address.  We are a high-end bud boutique in Portland Maine.  We specialize in award winning super high-end indoor hydroponic cannabis products that are simply the best in Portland Maine.  Our edibles are _actually_ delicious. All of our smoke product is organically grown indoor hydroponic bud.  We make our edibles the old fashioned way, but we have some pretty amazing tricks that allow us to remove the flavor of the cannabis allowing you to enjoy our food products.  More importantly, they are not just 'cookies' or 'pizza' they are world class.  They taste so good you would be happy to pay for them regardless of their cannabis component (which we make sure we add copious amounts of).Lastly all of our edibles are accurately dosed. You will not find a product that is more accurately dosed in the entire state of Maine.  We offer standard dosing from 10mg-100mg.  If you want custom dosed food products, please do not hesitate to give us a call and request a special order.

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